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This summer at Casa Guadalupe was our best summer yet. The students were exposed to a wide range of educational and recreational activities that they will never forget. We were honored to have such a great group of kids who were dedicated to us this summer. Every day we were filled to capacity and the kids had a great time.

The Middle School students participated in a Fantasy Baseball STEM curriculum. With this, the students were able to explore mathematics in a whole new way. The students learned how to calculate all of the statistics that relates to baseball. They then put together their own teams, based on each player’s statistics, and played games against the other students in the class. The games were played by using a spinner over a pie chart made by the students that accurately portrayed that players statistics and their chances of getting the different types of hits in baseball. The kids had a great time! With this being the first time we ever implemented this curriculum, we are looking to expand it this school year and partner with some local baseball organizations. We are really looking forward to this.

The Middle School group also worked on a publishing project where they took pictures, wrote a passage about their pictures, and put them all together using a computer program on our new Macintosh laptop computers. The project was called “The Best Part of Me” and the students were able to express themselves in some interesting and unique ways.

As for the Elementary students, they participated in different academic projects during the summer as well. They had a Reading and Writing Program in which they were assigned different grade level books to read in their groups. The students wrote about what they read throughout the book, and shared their writings with their classmates.

The Elementary students were also able to express themselves artistically this summer.  Through a partnership with Crayola, the students were given different art projects to work on throughout the program. They completed different projects by painting, drawing and coloring.

Along with the academic portion of the summer program, we had a extraordinary recreational portion of the program as well. All of the students had the opportunity to visit the Wildlands Conservancy for a pond exploration, geocaching, animal presentation and river tubing. Many of the students also got to take a trip to the Da Vinci Science Center. All of the students had the opportunity to participate in bowling once a week, go to the pool, and play in sports activities. The students played basketball, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, touch football and soccer.

Each year we try to improve of the previous summer. We like to offer the students a mix of educational and recreational activities. This gives the students the opportunity to have fun while not having much of any summer learning loss. The students that participated in the program had a great time and were sad when the program ended. Most of the students committed to coming to the school year program and all of them want to participate in our summer program next year.

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