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Fantasy Baseball and Iron Pigs!

This week, our students visited Coca-Cola Park to see the Iron Pigs Baseball Team of Lehigh Valley! The Park welcomed Casa Guadalupe and even chose one of our students to make the First Pitch. This trip was a great visual activity to support the students’ class work in Fantasy Baseball, a math…

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Every Month is Earth Month

Casa promotes community-based approaches to supporting the general wellbeing of our clients, staff, and all who walk through our doors. We incorporate methods for sustainability into our programming and community engagement so that we can help ensure resources for children and staff of tomorrow and the years to come. With…

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ESL Program for our Students’ Parents

One of our goals at Casa is to build a relationship with families that have children in our afterschool program.  To that extent, our Education Department recently launched a parent ESL program led by our parent liaison, Jennifer Braga, and volunteer students from Muhlenberg  College. The parents meet each Tuesday at Casa…

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Child Id’s Event

On Friday, January 17th, 2014, Casa Guadalupe WIC Program and Community Partners 4 Kids partnered together to provide child ID’s to kids newborn to seventeen years old. With more than 1,000,000 children missing a year it is important to have a child’s ID. The ids included a scan of the…

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Social Service Assisting People

Our Social Service department plays a crucial role at Casa. The department assists individuals and families that need assistance in applying to programs such as Operation Help Fund. They also refer clients to an appropriate agency where they can better help They. There are countless families that walk through Casa…

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