Casa Summer Program 7/14 – 7/17

The Casa Guadalupe summer program is in full swing now with the students participating in a variety of activities throughout the week. The middle school students have been learning about science with Ms. Braga and Ms. Ghamar. They have completed lessons and experiments that deal with how weather affects your mood, how stress affects your body, and how chewing gum can help you concentrate. In Mr. Tomlin’s classroom the students are asked to work on improving their grammar and spelling to become better writers. All the while the elementary students have been discovering the mysteries of outer space with Ms. Abbi and Ms. Colon.

This past Tuesday the Lehigh Valley Zoo came back to Casa with more critters. Last week exercise was the focus of their lesson and this week the zoologists taught the students about a healthy diet. Both elementary and middle school students were able to see the box turtle, 9-foot red tail boa, and sloth in action! Thursday the students were treated to a morning full of bowling! Students boarded a bus and headed to Rose Bowl Lanes to try their luck at bowling.

Finally, everyday the students either go to the Cedar Beach Pool for a refreshing swim or to Bucky Boyle Park. The students are able to exercise both their minds’ and bodies’ here at the Casa Guadalupe summer program!

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