Every Month is Earth Month

Casa promotes community-based approaches to supporting the general wellbeing of our clients, staff, and all who walk through our doors. We incorporate methods for sustainability into our programming and community engagement so that we can help ensure resources for children and staff of tomorrow and the years to come.

With Earth Day just one day away (Tuesday, April 22), let’s commit to ways of remembering and protecting our health and planet every day. Casa’s urban gardening, multi-use facilities, local partnerships, and healthier after school meals are some of the many ways that we encourage a more healthy, efficient, and sustainable environment:

1) Summer gardening with garden plots to plant fresh veggies!

2) STEM program: Partnership with Wildlands Conservancy, a nature and wildlife sanctuary that works to educate the community in environmental protection and the diversity of our natural environment.

STEM at Casa promotes environmental awareness and healthy living through the Pa’Lante Education program. Learn more at the Pa’Lante Education Program page, http://casalv.org/?page_id=42

3) Da Vinci Center partnership

4) Multi-Use Facilities that provide education, health, and social services

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