Franklin Institute Field Trip – June 24

The students and faculty of the Pa’lante Education Program here at Casa Guadalupe visited the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia on June 24. After a breakfast, they boarded a bus and began making their way down the parkway. Upon arrival, the students were excited to get the day started!
Students were allowed to roam the many rooms with their chaperones and friends, learning about a variety of topics. A popular exhibit amongst our students was the Circus; students learned about the history and physics behind putting on a successful circus act. Some students even ventured out onto the tight rope to try their hands at being a tight rope walker! (See pics below) Another popular exhibit was focused around the brain. Students learned about the chemistry of the brain and performed different activities to help further their understanding of how the vital organ operates.
The students were also treated to a movie, “Titans of the Ice Age”, in the Institute’s IMAX Theatre. The film educated the students about the wildlife and environment during the Ice Age. See below for some action shots of our students!



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